Checking in at Heumensoord

For the military, too, the Four Days Marches is one big party. They have seen and done a lot, but just like all the other participants they suffer. Suffer, sweat, swear, and keep silent. When they arrive at Camp Heumensoord, however, they can unwind. See for yourself.

Photos: Duncan de Fey

‘The scope of the Four Days Marches is simply enormous. The way the entire region gets into it, all the nationalities represented here – it’s just unbelievable. And we all know what we are going through together. What will I be bringing back to Australia? The feeling that I have really accomplished something.’

Julia Phan (18)
Cadet sergeant

I had heard of the Four Days Marches, something about people sitting along the road clapping for the walkers as they passed. But what I hadn’t expected was seeing entire families so full of enthusiasm. It was so wonderful to see, even senior citizens cheering us on. The way people “celebrate” here – we could learn from that.’

Oliver Becker (35)

‘This is my 28th Four Days Marches, and every time it’s the highlight of the year for me. I walk in various places around the globe, but what you see here you do not see anywhere else. It’s sport and fun times, friendship and camaraderie. Because young or old, we all want to make the finish, together.’

Regula Ita (57)
Staff warrant officer OR-9


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