Walk the Four Days Marches in style

Walk the Four Days Marches in style

If you are after a trendy outfit to wear during the Four Days Marches, look no further because Lowa has all you need to steal the show when you are out on the road. Whether you need walking shoes, socks, t-shirts, a rucksack or a bandana, you can be sure that Lowa will have something for you.

Official Four Days Marches sponsor t-shirt

Four Days Marches main sponsor Lowa has left no room for doubt in designing its official sponsor t-shirt, which is adorned by Nijmegen’s number 1 icon, the bridge over the River Waal. This is a t-shirt that you want to wear all year round, right? Well luckily, you can! It is available now in the web shop, in both ladies’ and men’s models, in various sizes and with different designs.

Nice mug

Lowa has also developed a range of other nice items, both practical and fun, especially for the Four Days Marches. Why not head over to the shop and grab yourself a nice mug? It will make your cup of tea taste even better after the Four Days Marches, which is sure to be full of great memories.